Emmanuel Children's Home, Middelburg, South Africa

Emmanuel Child & Youth Care Centre (ECYCC) provides care and safe refuge for children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned and orphaned. Based in the town of Middelburg (Eastern Cape, South Africa). ECYCC is a registered NPO (non-profit organisation) in South Africa.

Monday, July 29, 2019

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Emmanuel would like to give thanks to the Mayor 's Office for allowing 15 Emmanuel children to join in at the Christmas celebrations in Queenstown earlier this month. The Council provided transport to and from Queenstown. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks goes to Beva and Siya (Emmanuel staff members) for committing their time as to accompany the children. It was a lovely day, the children received gifts and nutritious meals.

For the 7th year in a row all Emmanuel children attends Christmas celebrations with the Nehemiah Group from Pretoria at Conway farm. Thank you Nehemiah you are our family. Thanks to Siena and Tanja (Care Workers) whom accomponied the children for the day. The children received gift parcels and a lovely nutritious meal. Thanks again to Kaizer and his taxi service for profecional and safe transportation of the children.

Nana is our female singer and winner with a voice like an angel. Nana sings Gospel with a voice so strong and clear it gives anybody goosbumps

Another talent show held at Emmanuel in December, Wayne was the winner in the singing catagory for males

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A talent show held at Emmanuel in November. Siena and Siya (Care Workers) hands out prizes to some of the winners here.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Emmanuel Child & Youth Care Centre has a beautiful history around it's name, it came to one of the founders in a dream and it means "God with us" ...no other name can ever compare

12 October 2017
News & overall Updates
TO: Members, Donors/Sponsors & Stakeholders
I trust all are well. The year 2017 was a memorable year, a year for the children here at Emmanuel. That said,
I would like to give thanks to our Father in Heaven through all the ups and downs of the past year, without Him
we could not remain in the “spot” we are today.
On 19 November 2017, Emmanuel Child & Youth Care Centre will celebrate our 8th birthday as a registered
NPO.....going on to 10! This alone was a huge accomplishment as not always we had the wind from behind.
Since May 2014, the centre operates as a fully registered child and youth care centre, funded by the Department
of Social Development. Since the time of registration, Emmanuel operates as a professional and respected safe
place for the children, keeping up high standards, moral values and most important, value our integrity and
worth. As we have an “open book policy” please feel free to visit and may I send an “open invitation” to our
community to visit whenever in the area. We would appreciate if you attend our yearly Annual General Meeting
around end of the financial year, each year in March/April. Please send contact details to
emm.youthcare@gmail.com or alternately to 0828674028 via whatsup or text message for formal invite to reach
your inbox in time. All are welcome.
Emmanuel Child and Youth Care Centre operates under a Management Board/Committee with three signatories
namely the Chairman, Treasurer and the Secretary of the Board available at all times. The centre Manager
oversee the day to day operations to go well and within the rules and regulations of the Constitution and set
principals since the day of opening of the centre.
A criterion funded for by the Department is:
a) Nutrition – which means our children receives 3 home cooked meals per day
b) Developmental Programmes & Projects – as to educate, explore the talent of children, keep them occupied physically & socially
c) Personal/Health – clothing and general health expenses, toiletries etc
d) Admin costs – electrical/water bills, accounting fees, transport & fuel, school & office stationary, fire ex fees, social work fees etc
e) Stipend for a qualified Social worker
f) Stipends of 4 care workers
Other costs incurred:
a) Stipend for a Manager – Emmanuel through sponsorship
b) Stipends of 3 cleaners/cook - Emmanuel through sponsorship
c) Casual Labour and temp staff - paid from Emmanuel for gardening, temporary personnel when a fulltime member is on annual leave etc
d) Repairs/Maintenance – this included the renovations and extensions of the new section, totally reliable on fundraisers, private donations and other funding applications
e) Rent of the property
f) Back-up funds – in case of any emergency
g) Marketing & related
Here at Emmanuel we have many success stories and one of them is that most of our children could travel to other parts in our country including a holiday in Cape Town with the Hands On Africa team, auditions and performances at talent competitions by our gumboot team The Young Little Stars, Hip Hop team and models, in Port Elizabeth, KZN, The Wild Coast Sun Casino, Krugersdorp at the Silver Star Casino, locally, over a period of time. Two male models received an invitation to perform internationally, invitation is still open until July 2018. One of our past residents completed his metric successfully, studied for a short period at a Christian college in Cape Town as part of his gap year, travelled to Zambia with a group of other students as to be part of a discipleship course, is back in Middelburg earning a living as an adult and well balanced father of his two little children. These are all stories that warm the heart of each and every member of Emmanuel and reminds us that this is just so worth the while.
Other accomplishments over the years were extensions of a new wing for boys, starting of renovations, friends we made locally and nationally.
Most of our senior children had the opportunity to take part in various programmes and events like the Karoo Mighty Men Conferences, Song of Songs Christian course and other Ministry workshops, an enjoyable holiday club held by Hands On Africa, outreaches to Rossmead and Midros with other Emmanuel members of management and staff, worship events with Kingdom Connexion and many more. These accomplishments were made possible by God first of all and good friends in Christ.
Places Emmanuel children visited were Mountain Zebra Park, PE beachfront, Port Edward beach, Wild Coast Sun Casino, Silver Star Casino, different holiday resorts in Gauteng and KZN, Cape Town beachfront and many more places we travelled through.
People Emmanuel children met and who visited the centre was Raven Nel Mr South Africa finalist, Ms SummerHeat 2010 France Ferreira, Dewald Gouws, Africa Mhalope, the Nehemiah Ministry group, Kingdom Connexion group, Hands On Africa group, The Karoo Mountain Bike Riders, Victory Gap Year and so many more wonderful people locally and from elsewhere in the world. All of these people made an impact or left a footprint or were led by the Spirit to find their way into our centre and the hearts of the children. Most importantly all children met Jesus Christ through daily worship and Bible study, our only prayers are that one day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.
We had many challenges over the years. The biggest one so far is the concept that this home, the Emmanuel Child and Youth Care Centre...God with us, is mistakenly called “the carehouse” ......if I could find a word as demeaning as that in the dictionary, I would be lost. Since the day of opening back in 2009, it was called the “Emmanuel Children’s Home” until 2014 the name has changed to Emmanuel Child and Youth Care Centre. This is what makes us proud, the origin of this beautiful name and the history around it. Emmanuel means GOD WITH US!
Other challenges are reunification of our clients with their family members, due to circumstances and family members leaving town which complicates the situation. Children absconding from school are another challenge from time to time as for some it is hard to accept rules and not be able to function in an structured environment after many years of “running free” without any or limited supervision. We have installed an alarm system (beams) as well as CCTV cameras inside and outside of the centre for security and safety purposes, it is not easy to abscond from Emmanuel premises. Nevertheless, our children do not find themselves in a prison setup where this is still their home for the time spend here where they need to feel welcome and comfortable as well as at home, we cannot lock them in where we encourage them to attend sports, church youth groups, gym clubs etc. Some of the negative information concerning a “care house” or information fed to them about having a social grant complicates matters. The children at Emmanuel Child and Youth Care Centre are not Forster children and therefore they do not receive a grant but in fact the centre gets subsidised by the Department of Social Development for 24 children according to the above mentioned funding criteria. The centre is registered for 28 children to accommodate at any one time.
The Emmanuel Child and Youth Care Centre remains a well established, structured and professional institution very much the same as any other Non-profit organisation within our area, rendering services to our local community, our clients and stakeholders. The centre operates under the child care act and children placed here are legal with a valid court order, no other illegal operations or children “being collected” from their family homes or the streets takes place at any point in time. A qualified Social worker is employed by the centre that operates as the internal social worker/case worker of every child living here, regular child reports, counselling sessions, group work, yearly narratives, financial reports and all other information needed by the Department of Social Developments gets done on a regular basis. All of our operations are up to standard and we take pride in what we do here at the Emmanuel Child and Youth Care Centre....God with us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information from us.
Kind regards
Emmanuel CYCC Management

Raven Nel, Mr SA finalist 2017 visited the Emmanuel children on Saturday 7 October 2017. Thank you to Spar Middelburg and to Raven for this wonderful gesture!

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Victory Gap Year girls creating art with Emmanuel girls❤️

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Victory Gap Year students creating art in the boys section! ❤️

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Victory Gap Year Students from Jefferyesbay visited the centre on 11 October 2017, yesterday. What a buch of awsome young people, the testomonies they presented to us were amazing. We wish these students the very best and would like to thank them for the great work they are doing in communities. To Emmanuel it was a blessing through and through! THANK YOU!

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Leaving the park with sadness although a sense of joy as it was a very pleasant day. All children could buy a pressie from the gift shop as a pleasant memory from their day at Mount Zebra Park...the boys went for sunglasses😎, the girls jewelery🤩 and the little ones caps👨‍🏭

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An enjoyable lunch for all at the restuarant at Mount Zebra Park🍝

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The kids could benefit from the educational talk by member Mxolisi Fulumente from Mount Zebra Game Reserve followed by a drive through the park, acomponied by Mxolisi and another game keeper, explaining different animals and their habbits to the children.

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...and the wheels on the bus goes round and round......excited children looking forward to their day which was a surprize as we kept it a secret to where they are going until the morning of the 6th😁 The bus was rented with driver Kaizer from TJ Nqinata Taxi's. Please use these guys, they are reliable, profecional and safe!

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17 children, Social worker Xolani, Manager Carol, Chairman Bertus, Treasurer Marnene and driver Kaizer kick start the day at Wimpy Cradock for a enjoyable breakfast.

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